1. What is ParfumBar®?

ParfumBar® is an innovative concept, which helps to chose, out of numerous smells, the one that ideally matches your personality. When selecting our perfume, we came across a lot of problems: a great number of fragrances in perfumeries, which makes it difficult to choose the one - very often we find hard to tell which one we really like. Good perfume contains more than a hundred of ingredients - only a proper dosing gives a sensual experience. Our nose is directly connected to the limbic system - the oldest part of our brains, responsible for emotions. Thanks to that, the right aroma can highlight your strong character - someting useful in negotiations, but it also can show your passionate personality or will work great during a candle light dinner.

2. How did it all start?

The concept of ParfumBar® came to life during the Signage Digital Trade Fair in Essen, where Microsoft in cooperation with a renown cosmetics company took pictures of people’s faces, providing make-up visualisations. At that point we realised how difficult it is to create or to select the right fragrance. Customers often feel helpless as they base their choices not on the perfume notes that suite them but on the perfume brands, catchy advertising slogans, or even the look of the perfume bottle. As a result, they buy perfume which does not meet their expectations.

3. How does ParfumBar® work?

The PB application is the first Electronic Perfumer which, based on a test, is able to suggest perfumes suitable for every personality. The application generates a few questions that relate to your everyday life, eg. regarding your favourite car make, style of clothes, or the food you like, and automatically specifies your personality type and the right fragrance palette to highlight your character. This system works also when we chose perfume for a friend. We can define a character of a person we want to present the perfume to, and give them a personalised gift with a greeting card attached.

4. How precise is ParfumBar® when selecting the fragrance?

We have spent 2 years creating the costly concepts. We worked with psychologists, sociologists, perfumers, and IT specialists from the whole world, to create a reliable system - its approximately 90% accuracy due to an empirical test done on a sample of 2000 individuals.

5. Who is ParfumBar®’s competition?

ParfumBar® is unique and, despite numerous attempts to copy the name and the idea, there is no other application even remotely as good as our software. Having said that, there is one, similar place - the Guerlain atelier opened in Paris in 1914. The shop employs an expert who, asking proper questions, creates a client’s personality description and selects the right scent. The service, however, is not accessible for everybody, while our application making use of the advances of modern times, due to the internet is at everyone’s disposal.

6. Why is ParfumBar® so special?

We all recall our last visit to a perfumery, which we entered enticed by an ad and ended up helplessly trying to choose a suitable fragrance. ParfumBar® meets our needs, and thanks to, its electronic application it is available for everyone. It enables offering perfume to convince the client that their needs are at the heart of the service and that they have bought perfume which best reflect their personality. Additionally, we take pride in the fact that at the cosmetics trade fair in Boulogne we were the only company, who selected fragrances using Electronic Perfumer and offered selling such quality perfumes.

7. Where can you buy ParfumBar®?

To buy a perfume of any size, feel free to visit our e-shop you will find under the hyperlink: http://bcosmetics.pl/pl/serie/1405.

8. Is it possible to adjust the perfume to the personality of my loved one and buy it as a gift?

Of course! Taking the test, you describe the person the gift is for and then the system will select the right fragrance palette. Additionally, you can attach personal wishes and the character description to the box to show how personal the gift is.

9. What are the prospects of development for ParfumBar®?

The PB application is an unusually flexible software, which can be developed in a number of ways. Having great number of test taken, you can modify the questions according to your customers’ needs and expectations, and then create statistical analyses, which will give you a full picture of the answers you have received. Also we have taken a comprehensive look at the problems of selecting beauty products. As a result, we have created Crème Bar® allowing you to choose crème depending on your skin problems. What is more, after an interview and a test performed with a skin analyser we can create 2 997 968 recipes, which assures us of our individual approach to everyone.

10. Who is ParfumBar® for?

The ParfumBar® Systems come in a number of variants and configurations. Each one is adapted to contemporary market needs, and still can be modified. The systems PB available : • DeLux & Counter (approx. 2 x 2m) - a freestanding system ideal for busy environments, such as shopping centres, train stations, airports, etc. • Tower ( approx. 0,5 x 2m) dedicated to business +. It is dedicated to perfumeries, jewellers’, cafés, florists, etc. It offers an additional source od income • Mini (approx. 0,3 x 0,6 m) - also created for business+. It offers an ideal alternative for the waiting room magazines. • Mobile (a case approx. 0,3 x 0,4 m) - the system dedicated to sales representatives and door-to-door businesses’ owners.

11. What is the scope of activity of ParfumBar®?

For the last 4 years - since its creation - ParfumBar® has won a group of followers and earned trust of companies from 5 different countries. We have sold over 30 full systems. Our sister brand, CremeBar®, has also begun to have similar results - already in the first years of her existence.

12. How do we help our business partners?

The biggest help is the ParfumBar® system itself. It intrigues customers, helps with conversation and facilitates sales. Despite the vending options, we are convinced that personal service and direct contact with a client are optimal for ParfumBar®. That is why we help to train your personnel to sell the perfume effectively and to use the PB application (which is child’s play, really). We are also there when the product is lunched. We assist by the investment, and share our experience in finding a suitable selling point and employing good sales staff. Additionally, if needed, we delegate an expert to lunch the sales. We also provide advertising materials. Due to the e-solutions, you can use the statistics module, which helps you to keep your time and stock in check, compare staff efficiency, and do much more. We train our partners on how to make use of the systems’ potential, providing support in individual training and commercial activities. We take care of updating the ParfumBar® system cyclically so that it keeps up with the latest trends.

13. Can I invest in more than one ParfumBar®?

Yes. If you have more that one PB system we recommend a proper commercial structure, which is necessary it manage staff efficently. Our software is able to meet the requirements of complex payment and commercial policy.

14. Who is an ideal investor?

We are looking for investors with business acumen who think globally, are open to innovative business solutions, and guarantee commercial structures. ParfumBar® should be properly advertised in a given region, so the minimum capital investors should have amounts to approx. 3000 EUR in case of small projects, and to approx. 10000 EUR in case of the bigger ones.